Vraj Mandal…Vraj Ka Ras: (Divine fragrance and flavour)

Where is the real essence of divinity and sacredness in this place, that is called, Maha Teerth? (The Super Pilgrimage place)
Vraj Mandal belongs to Shree RadhaKrishn and ShreeNathji. It was and is Their Leela Bhumi, where everything reminds us of “Their” divine Prem and Bhao.
When in Vraj Mandal, don’t limit yourselves to just a temple visit; do make it a point to visit the numerous leela sthalis and Vans. These are some photos from our numerous visits here. I have not organized them with titles. They have been presented here as a mix of all the Leela Sthalis.


Nathdwara: ShreeNathji’s Dham

Nathdwara belongs to Dear ShreeNathji, my Mahagurushree, who is the latest Incarnation of Shree RadhaKrishn. He is ‘Their’ merged Swarup today on this earth.
Giriraj Govardhan is His chosen place for Appearance, where for nearly 250 years He did loving Leela with His bhakts.
Nathdwara is the place where He moved 340 years ago and resides till today.
Vraj Mandal, Govardhan is where He will soon be back, as His committed period of stay to Ajab Kunwari Bai is nearing completion.
So we welcome Him back to Vraj and Giriraj Govardhan, where He belongs.
I belong to Shreeji and thank Him for all His Kripa and Play; to Gurushree for his kripa in all aspects of my life.


Mumbai city:

Mixed flavours of my home town

The photos you see here are a mix of nature and the concretisation of this amazing city. The streets of Mumbai are an example of the extreme contrasts, that is very visible on any street that you may happen to walk upon. The best way to see and feel the invisible reality of any city is through a camera. Some photos depict a reality which is not noticed unless you go looking for them.

Each moment is special somewhere for someone in the entire God’s creation. I call them ‘moments’…of life and living.

Mumbai is a concrete city and getting to be very, very congested and crowded. In spite of this fact, if you care to look around, you will find the joy and beauty of nature everywhere you go; which proves, that God’s beauty and gift to us survives all the wreckage humans manage to cause.

Nawalgarh-Rajasthan: Town of my ancestors

This town is the part of Shekhawati, a very ancient area in Rajasthan, also known as the open Art Gallery of the world! It is a place which has yet retained its old charm.  Haveli Architecture is the attraction here; It is the town of my ancestors which has yet retained some of the old charm. We yet have the old Haveli and the Bunglow which has been converted into a luxury hotel..

In my pictures, I try to capture the beauty and the divine in nature. The enchanting nature touches my heart and soul, giving me tremendous joy. I do enjoy street photography too; I call these photos ‘moments’…in God’s creationsEach moment is special somewhere for someone in God’s creations. I try to capture the essence of the particular moment as I see in my lens. Being neither a botanist nor a technical photographer, what you see in my pictures, is meant for pure joy and peace; it enters deep within me, and I find myself dissolving in God’s miraculous creations.

The only regret I do experience at times is the fact that it is not possible to capture the fragrance in the flowers, the mysterious aura present in many old trees, the sacredness in the Ruj (sands) of the holy Vraj Mandal, the Aliveness of Divine Presence of ShreeNathji at Nathdwara.

Despite the destruction and greed we as humans may have managed to taint His beautiful world with, these pictures confirm that beauty exists in God’s world everywhere.

The pictures are from Bombay, my home town; some from Vraj Mandal, which is the place where I have always belonged since lifetimes; some from Nathdwara, it being the place which I love going for darshans as my Dear ShreeNathji resides here, photos from Nawalgarh, which is a small town in the Shekhavati area of Rajasthan. It is the town of my ancestors and has yet retained some of the old charm.

Feel free to go through all files, enjoy and feel the joy that nature gives us without asking anything in return. It just gives and gives; whether we appreciate or ignore, it continues with its karma of giving…

Why do I take these photographs.